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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Flappy Bird Hack & Cheats
Flappy Bird
Have you ever thought of using cheats or hack tool to hack the score and show it off to your friends? Then this is a perfect tool for you. In this tool, we offer 2 kind of hack, Unlimited Lives & Medals. 


Unlimited Lives : 
  • By turning on this mode, you'll have unlimited lives, which mean you can hit the obstacle as the obstacle is kind of became invisible. The score will keep counting though. Don't worry. Please don't hit the ground, the program only bypass the obstacles, NOT THE GROUND. I'll try to fix this in the future.
Medals :
  • This is only an additional features, you will be promoted which kind of medal want, then even if you lose the game at "1pts" you'll get the "Gold Medal".

Additional Info

You'll have to play the game while the USB wire is connected to your device. Or else, the mode will be disabled by automatically.

Info for iOS Users

When you're trying to connect this app with this program, your iPhone/iPad/iPod will ask to "Trust this Computer" on your iPhone/iPad/iPod screen. Tap on trust. This is because this program is asking to access the data apps. No personal info is collected. Don't worry. This is only one time permission, then the program will work without asking any permission.

Info for Android Users

For, android you'll need to enable "USB Debugging" mode in the Developers Setting.

You can find it here "Setting>Developer Options>USB Debugging"

Thats All.

Quick Test

This program was tested on my iPad, and it works fluently. So ,the program would surely works on Android or any iOS Devices.

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Thursday, 5 December 2013

TeamViewer 9.0.2


Remote control any computer or Mac over the internet within seconds or use TeamViewer for online meetings. Find out why more than 200 million users trust TeamViewer! Please note that this crack is for TeamViewer 9.0.24322 Premium Edition or known as TeamViewer 9 Premium Edition. It is currently the latest and the best keygen available! You can download it for free now!


  • Remote Support and Remote Access
    • Lifetime License
      • One-time purchase price with no monthly or annual fees. You purchase a license for long-term use without recurring billing or time limits on use. All updates within the same main version are included.
    • All-in-one solution
      • TeamViewer 9 provides an All-In-One solution for a wide variety of scenarios in a single software package: remote maintenance, spontaneous support, access to unattended computers, home office, online meetings, presentations, training sessions and team work.
    • Fast Return on invesment
      • Inexpensive TeamViewer 9 license fees will pay off very quickly due to time and cost savings. For private users it is even completely free.
    • Free host installation
      • All host installations are completely free for license owners. TeamViewer sessions only require one side to be licensed. This allows you to serve an unlimited number of customers with a single license.
    • 24/7 Remote Access to computers or servers
      • Administer remote computers or servers, as if you were sitting right in front of them. Take advantage of 24/7 access without the need for someone on the other end. Save your most important contacts in your computers and contacts list to be able to connect within seconds.
    • Mobile Apps for TeamViewer 9
      • Are you often on the road and need to provide spontaneous support to customers or connect to your office computer and customer’s servers? TeamViewer apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone 8 allow you to be mobile and flexible to handle any situation.

Premium Features

  • Screen Sharing
    • Share your screen with your meeting participants and visualize your ideas.
  • Video & Audio Sharing
    • See and hear each other during meetings.
  • Apps for TeamViewer
    • Stay flexible. Mobile participation in meetings is possible anytime on iOS or Android devices.
  • More amazing features
    • You can view the list of features for the TeamViewer 9 here

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

WinRAR 5.01 Crack / Keygen / Serial Number
RARLab WinRAR 5.01

WinRAR 5.01 Description

The latest beta of the powerful archive manager. Create and decompress RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from the internet.

WinRAR is a powerful compression tool with many integrated additional functions to help you organize your compressed archives.

WinRAR puts you ahead of the crowd when it comes to compression. By consistently creating smaller archives, WinRAR is often faster than the competition. This will save you disc space, transmission costs AND valuable working time as well.

RAR 5.0 archives can include an optional quick open information controlled with -qo[-|+] switch or "Quick open information" options group in archiving dialog. It allows to open the archive contents in WinRAR faster. 

This version provides better update performance for archives containing both quick open information and service records, such as NTFS file security. Also default parameters of quick open information are optimized to achieve faster open time for such archives.


  • WinRAR supports all popular compression formats (RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ, LZH, ACE, TAR, GZip, UUE, ISO, BZIP2, Z and 7-Zip).
  • WinRAR is ideal for multimedia files. WinRAR automatically recognizes and selects the best compression method. The special compression algorithm compresses multimedia files, executables and object libraries particularly well.
  • WinRAR allows you to split archives into separate volumes easily, making it possible to save them on several disks for example.
  • WinRAR is also ideal, if you are sending data through the web. Its 128 bit password encryption and its authenticated signature technology will give you the peace of mind you have been looking for.
  • WinRAR is shareware, meaning you have the chance to thoroughly test it. The program can be used absolutely free of charge for 40 days!
  • WinRAR licenses are valid for all available language and platform versions. If you have purchased several licenses, you can even mix versions to meet your own personal needs.
  • WinRAR gives you all future UPDATES for FREE!

Bugs Fixed

  • "Find" command could fail when searching text string in .7z archives;
  • When opening RAR 5.0 archive with encrypted file names stored in another such archive, WinRAR could issue an erroneous message that password is incorrect. It happened only if passwords to inner and outer archives were different. It did not affect extraction, all files could be unpacked regardless of this message;
  • Option "Use for all archives" in password dialog did not suppress additional password requests for RAR 5.0 archives with encrypted file names;
  • WinRAR address bar did not process correctly environment variable based paths, such as %temp%;
  • Storing NTFS file security and alternate data streams did not work for file pathnames longer than 260 characters;
  • "Test" command could erroneously report damaged data in valid recovery record if only a part of files in RAR 5.0 archive was tested. It did not happen if entire archive contents was tested;
  • "Test" command erroneously reported errors when verifying RAR 4.x Unix symbolic links;
  • WinRAR "View" command did not work for files inside of BZIP2 archives;
  • If "High precision modification time" option in archiving dialog was turned off, WinRAR did not store the modification time at all instead of storing a lower precision time;
  • Destination paths containing .\ or ..\ component did not work when extracting non-RAR archives in WinRAR command line mode;
  • WinRAR failed to unpack multivolume CAB archives.

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Thursday, 28 November 2013

iExplorer Keygen / Crack / Serial Number

Intelligently Transfer Music to iTunes

iExplorer lets you easily transfer music from any iPhone, iPod or iPad to a Mac or PC computer and iTunes. You can search for and preview particular songs then copy them to iTunes with the touch of a button or with drag and drop. Looking to transfer more than just a few tracks? With one click, iExplorer lets you instantly rebuild entire playlists or use the Auto Transfer feature and copy everything from your device to iTunes. iExplorer Crack / Keygen / Serial Number is ready to be downloaded!
  • Keep your Metadata, Ratings & More
    • iExplorer lets you easily select multiple tracks from your device then perform one-click batch transfers to iTunes or simply drag and drop tracks to wherever you want them. When you copy tracks iExplorer automatically saves your songs' metadata, which includes play counts, ratings, and artwork as they migrate back to your computer. Not sure which songs you want to transfer? You can double click any track for an instant preview. Have more than music to transfer? No problem. From movies to ringtones, podcasts to iTunes U, iExplorer lets you move it all. Transfer movies from iPad to computer, and get all your favorite media right on your desktop or laptop from your device.
  • Copy playlist from iPhone to iTunes
    • When you put together a playlist, the thought and care that goes into the process shouldn't end up getting stuck on your device. With iExplorer, you can get control of your playlists. Rebuild or export your playlists from your iPhone to iTunes or a folder on your computer. iExplorer also handles duplicate songs seamlessly, rebuilding your playlists perfectly even if some tracks are already in your iTunes library. With iExplorer, finally, you can move any playlist to iTunes hassle-free.

Export iPhone Text Messages

Call them what you want, in the last few years we've seen texting (SMSs, iMessages, text messages, etc.) rocket in popularity. These messages are replacing phone calls, voicemails and even emails. We understand that your SMSs and iMessages can be priceless to you and that's why we've spent so much time developing the best tool to help you view, export and archive your messages and attachments. The iExplorer SMS client looks great and even works with group messages, images, and other message attachments too!

Export Options

You can browse or search for messages on your computer, export messages to a number of useful formats including pdf and csv, and even back up and save images or other attachments right from your SMSs.

Save iPhone Voicemails

No matter what information and files you keep on your iPhone, voicemails are sometimes especially critical. Whether they contain complex directions, include important reminders, or simply make you want to hear them again and again, iExplorer can help you get them onto your computer for safekeeping. 

With iExplorer, you can view and save your voicemails, or export them to your Mac or PC. Our transfer process ensures your voicemails will reach their destination with absolutely no audio quality loss, so they'll always sound as crisp and clear as the day they were sent. Have deleted messages you'd like to bring back from the dead? In some cases iExplorer can even restore and save these too.

Mount iPhone & iPad to Mac's Finder & Windows Explorer

iExplorer's disk mounting features allow you to use your iPhone, iPod or iPad like a USB flash drive. You can view your iPhone's photos directly in Finder or Windows Explorer like you would from any other digital camera. You're also able to get file system access to data contained within the apps or other directories on your device. 

Want to back up or move your games' high scores from one device to another? How about saving files directly to or from your favorite file manager such as iExplorer's iOS App Awesome Files? iExplorer can do all of that and more.

Disk Mode for iPhone, iPad & iPod

Easy and elegant, iExplorer is the ideal utility for directly accessing files and folders on your iDevice and for browsing your device's files in existing iTunes backups. More than any other app, iExplorer puts your files and folders at your fingertips so you can explore and use media, app directories, and even the device's root**. iExplorer's superior interface lets you access iPhone files from PC or Mac easily, and you can even mount your device's directories as a native disk in Windows Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac).

Browse iTunes Backups

Looking for an iPhone backup extractor? iExplorer makes the most of the iTunes backups by allowing you to directly browse and access any and all files from new or existing iTunes backups. Whether you're just curious as to what iTunes has saved on your computer or you're looking to recover a particular file, with iExplorer you'll never feel locked out of your backups again.

Export Voicemails, Address Book Contacts, Calendar Events, Reminders, Notes & More...

We've crafted seven magnificent utilities into iExplorer that allow you to browse, preview, save, and export the most important information in the databases of your iPhone or iPad. 

View your appointments, calendar events, and your call history. Listen to your iPhone's voicemail messages and export them to a folder on your computer. Everything is always just a couple of clicks away. Be in charge of your content.

Access iPhone Notes from Computer

Using the Notes app on your iPhone or iPad may be convenient, but what happens when you want those notes on your computer? iExplorer takes the mystery out of this process and makes it easier than ever to access your devices' notes from a PC or Mac.

Grab notes from your device, or from an existing iTunes backup. Using iExplorer, you can browse through notes and search for terms or phrases, cut, copy, and paste notes onto your computer, and save and export notes in just moments. Save notes from iPhone to computer and regain control of everything you jot down.

Export iPhone Call History

Want to see who's been calling the phone you're holding? iExplorer lets you access iPhone call history and move it to your computer. Export your call history in csv or txt formats so you can open and edit your data however you'd like. Easily view your call history statistics, too, for a quick look at recent history or a broad summary.

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Monday, 4 November 2013

MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition 8.1 Crack / Keygen / Serial Number
Partition Wizard 8.1
As a partition magic alternative, MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition is a magic partition software optimized for business environment with advanced features such as Merge Partition, Convert Dynamic disk to Basic disk and Change cluster size. Business users and system administrators can use our magic partition manager to Resize Partition, Move Partition, Merge Partition, Extend Partition, Split Partition, Change Cluster Size, Copy Partition, Copy Disk, Create, Delete and Format partitions, Convert and Explore partitions, Hide and Unhide partitions, Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk and much more. Our partition magic software supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. And MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition could be used in business environment. Enjoy this MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition 8.1 Crack for free!

Features Included

  • Convert NTFS to FAT
    • "Convert NTFS to FAT" helps convert NTFS to FAT while securing data safety. User can employ this function under "Partition" menu.
  • Change Font
    • Allowing user to change font and font size freely. All available font types are those provided by OS. Notice: Restart software after changing font.
  • Convert MBR to GPT Disk
    • Convert MBR disk to GPT disk safely. GPT partitioning mode is more powerful in partition management, support 2TB disk and allows creation of more than 4 primary partitions.
  • Copy Partition Wizards
    • Convert MBR disk to GPT disk safely. GPT partitioning mode is more powerful in partition management, support 2TB disk and allows creation of more than 4 primary partitions.
  • Copy to UEFI boot disk
    • UEFI has apparent advantages over BIOS for its powerful error correction, new drive load mode, GUI and mouse operation support features. However, problem emerged with the increasing usage of UEFI motherboard, for example: copying boot disk to configure the same operating system on different computers will result in boot failure for UEFI.
  • Convert GPT-style Dynamic Disk to Basic.
    • Dynamic Disk supporting creation of disk-spanning volume teamed with GPT-Style partition architecture is definitely the best disk application method under mega volume environment. However, we still need Basic Disk and GPT-style partition architecture in some specific scenarios.
  • Move Disk/Boot system value for Dynamic Disc
    • "Move/Resize" function helps move/resize not only general partition, system partition, but volume on dynamic disk.
  • Fully Support EUFI Boot
    • UEFI is the recommended standard initiated by Intel for new type PC firmware architecture. This standard possessing significant advantages to the familiar PC BIOS, such as, more powerful error-correcting performance, better compatibility, more friendly UI and stronger expandability, is generally accepted and recognized as PC BIOS successor. Though almost perfect, nevertheless, worries still exist when users are hesitating whether they should employ this standard to boot OS, for instance, how to manage hard drive partitions under this standard. What I want to state here is that users should never have such kind of concerns. Let's take Windows 7 for example. After boot Windows 7 with UEFI, partition management can be realized by using a professional partition magic software supporting UEFI.
  • Extend partition with one step.
  • Split one partition into two safely.
  • FULLY Support 4096-byte-sector-based hard drive.
  • Align all partitions or align a specified partition to optimize hard drive performance.
  • Resize/Move Partition: Easily resize/move partition without data loss.
  • Create, Format, Delete Partition.
  • Convert Partition format from FAT to NTFS.
  • Hide and Unhide Partitions, set active partition, label drive letter.
  • Merge Partition.
  • Hot Extend Partition without reboot.
  • Change cluster size without data loss.
  • Support Linux Ext2, Ext3, Ext4.
  • Full support Windows Dynamic Disk Volume.
  • Partition Copy: Copy entire partition to unallocated space with high performance file-by-file. moving technology. Backup or move data without any data loss.
  • Partition Recovery: Scan disk to restore deleted or damaged partitions.
  • Hard Disk Copy: Copy an entire disk to a different diskquickly and easily with data clone technology. Backup disk data without data loss.
  • Support Windows 32/64 bit Operating Systems.
  • Visually demonstrate your disk/partition configuration to preview changes before apply.
  • Support RAID.
  • Support single disks or partitions larger than 2 TB
  • Support up to 32 hard disks within one system.
  • Set partition as primary.
  • Set partition as logical.
  • Rebuild MBR.
  • Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk.
  • Disk Surface Test.
  • Partition Surface Test.
  • Change Partition Serial Number.
  • Change Partition Type ID.
Guitar Pro 6.1.5 Crack / Keygen / Serial Number
Guitar Pro 6
Guitar Pro is a musical software program offering all of the functionalities that all guitarists need.


You'll know how to handle the interface in a matter of minutes, easily navigating over its tabs and buttons. For optimal ease in reading, you'll be able to display your scores as you prefer -- full-screen, double-page, or parchment-like --, and also display a guitar fretboard to visualize the exact positioning of your fingers on it.


Express your talent by creating your own scores in a matter of minutes. You can edit the notes directly on the standard score or on the tablature. In either case, capture your notes quickly with the numerical pad, the mouse, or even a MIDI instrument.


Guitar Pro is also a powerful score player, which facilitates composing or learning a piece.

Realistic Audio Playback

The RSE (Realistic Sound Engine) technology includes the realistic studio recordings of instruments, as well as some effect modelisations that are the result of years of research. You'll get access to over a hundred soundbanks, and over fifty effects pedals and amps. We provide many presets for all styles, and you can also configure your own effect chains. You can apply a mastering to the final result, with a compressor-limiter, a reverb, and a 10-track equalizer. You can also listen to your scores in MIDI sound.

Optimized Playback Options

During playback, the score automatically scrolls on and a highlighted cursor lets you know which note is being played. You can adjust tempo, and play all or part of a piece in loops. The Speed Trainer will then let you play any section of the score in loops with progressive accelerations. This is very useful to practice a solo or a complex guitar riff! All of the effects specific to the guitar (e.g., bend, slide, ghost notes, etc.) are rendered into the playback, as well as the various possible playing styles – pickstroking, fingerpicking or slapping, for instance.


Guitar Pro is a true workshop for guitarists: chord and scale libraries, tuner, metronom, virtual fretboard and keyboard. All of those tools work with fretted instruments from 4 to 8 strings.

Diagram Generator

Request any chord in any tuning, and Guitar pro will display all possible finger positions for you. Draw a diagram by clicking on the grid, and Guitar Pro will suggest all possible names for that chord.

Download the Installer

Sunday, 3 November 2013

DFX Audio Enhancer 11.112 Crack / Keygen / Serial Number
DFX Audio Enhancer 11.112
DFX Audio Enhancer boosts the sound quality of all of your music, videos, Internet radio, games, and other programs. Simply turn on DFX and be immersed in HD quality sound.

  • 3D Surround Sound
    • Immerse yourself inside the music
  • Stereo Ambience
    • Renew lost stereo depth and body
  • Dynamic Audio Boost
    • Pump up the volume to new heights
  • Headphones optimization
    • Hear more pleasant, natural sounds with headphones
  • Customizable audio presets
    • Select from many factory-tuned settings or create your own
  • Booming Hyperbass
    • Produce deeper, richer bass
  • High fidelity restoration
    • Eliminate that “muffled” sound
  • Spectrum Analyzer
    • “See” DFX enhance your sound
  • Multiple processing mode
    • Optimize sound quality for music, speech and other audio types
  • Preset to song Association
    • Optimize sound quality for music, speech and other audio type

Easy to Use & Customizable

Simply install DFX and start playing music, videos, games or anything else with sound. That's it! With its standard settings you'll immediately be amazed at the added clarity and punch that your PC now provides. 

Fine-tuning your audio settings is also an easy option. DFX has an intuitive interface with tooltips to guide you, along with a complete list of factory-tuned presets for all kinds of music. 

You can even create and save your own custom preset. Click the Explore button to discover new artists and songs, access music videos, view song lyrics, and more. You can also change the look of DFX by choosing from the many available DFX skins in the online skins library.

Advanced DSP Sound Quality Enhancement Effects

The most important aspect of any audio program is how well it sounds. While sound quality can be extremely subjective, the general consensus from both reviewers and users alike is that the sound quality of DFX is exceptional.

Harmonic Fidelity Restoration

Adding Fidelity to your audio eliminates the "muffled" sound that is an artifact of the data compression algorithms used in Internet audio formats. DFX compensates for this loss of high frequency fidelity by carefully regenerating the missing high frequency harmonics in the audio. This harmonic restoration is performed using patent-pending technology that carefully synthesizes high frequency harmonics to replace the harmonics lost during the encoding process.

Ambience, Stereo Imaging

Adding Ambience to your audio compensates for the lost or diminished stereo depth that is the result of closely located speakers, poor listening environments, and sonic losses due to data compression of Internet audio formats. DFX compensates for the reduced stereo imaging and depth of PC audio by carefully regenerating the ambience and stereo depth. This same ambience processing has been used by Grammy winning engineers of artists such as Alanis Morissette and Ella Fitzgerald.

3D Surround Sound

Using the 3D Surround Sound component adds amazing depth and body to your audio, compensating for monitoring limitations and sonic losses due to data compression. With 3D Surround processing the sounds will surround you, virtually putting you inside the music! 3D Surround enhances the sound played on conventional 2-speaker systems and makes even small PC speaker systems sound larger and richer. It is also fully compatible with Surround Sound playback systems.

Speaker & Headphones mode

The listening environment section allows you to quickly get optimized sound for your listening environment. Speaker mode optimizes your listening experience through speaker systems. Headphone mode optimizes your listening experience through headphones. 

When in Headphone mode the audio is processed in such a way that the music sounds as if it is originating from a source in front of you rather than coming straight at your ears. This creates a much more pleasant and natural sound. It also reduces listener fatigue by eliminating the "in your head effect" of regular headphones.

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TuneUp Utilities 2014 14.0.1000.88 Serial Number / Keygen / Crack
TuneUp Utilities 2014
TuneUp Utilities will make your Windows OS quicker, softer and safer with simply a couple of mouse clicks. and all operations performed on the OS area unit utterly safe, as a result of all changes area unit monitored by TuneUp Rescue Center and might be undone at any time. All TuneUp Utilities modules are often accessed through a standard interface that's divided into six classes. The package helps each beginners and consultants to form Windows meet their wants in a very means that's higher, easier and safer. All vital system choices area unit explained in a simple means and might be turned on or off at the press of your mouse. TuneUp Utilities can then create the mandatory changes within the written account or boot files mechanically. we tend to place a high price on system stability, in order that Windows won’t finish off faithfully. And most changes that you just create are often undone in TuneUp Rescue Center – simply and safely.

The TuneUp Turbo Mode provides a direct performance boost whenever you would like it. after you use your laptop within the TuneUp Turbo Mode, associate degree analysis is performed to ascertain that tasks, programs and functions area unit presently running within the background that aren't strictly necessary. These programs area unit stopped or caught up, permitting the extra process power gained to be used completely by the programs you're really running.


Duplicate Finder

  • Symptoms: Your PC is running out of disk space quickly, even though you’ve removed temporary data with our improved Disk Cleaner! 
  • Cause: Over time, a lot of unnecessary clone files accumulate on your hard disk. These could be backup copies of files you forgot, photos you accidentally saved twice, or personal videos you cloned for editing – but also many programs regularly clone files that you don’t need! 
  • Solution: With Duplicate Finder, you’ll easily find duplicate files across your entire hard disk. Cloned photos, music titles, videos, documents – no matter what file type, we’ll help you figure out which version of the file you need and which you can safely delete. You’ll often get back gigabytes of unnecessary data in no time.

Flight Mode

  • Problem: You’re on your flight and your battery runs out much sooner than usual. 
  • Cause: Even in regular “Economy Mode”, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth® devices continue to search for connections. This consumes battery and may even affect airplane electronics. 
  • Solution: Just hit the Flight Mode switch to turn off all power-sapping wireless devices and save even more battery life than with Economy Mode. Flight Mode is your ultimate power saver, but it’s not just for frequent flyers: Whenever you need to squeeze the last bit out of your battery to finish that last movie or project on the road, Flight Mode is for you.

Download the Installer

Saturday, 2 November 2013

PhotoScore Ultimate 7
PhotoScore Ultimate is the full-featured version of the PhotoScore Lite scanning software for Sibelius. This powerful software can also scan music into other MIDI software, such as sequencers. You can even use it on its own to scan in, play back, transpose, and print scores, and even save audio files.

PhotoScore Ultimate reads printed and handwritten music or PDFs in seconds—not just the notes, but also printed slurs, dynamics, lyrics, guitar tab, chord diagrams, and more. You can then edit or transpose the music, play it back, extract the parts, and print—just as if you'd input it yourself.

PhotoScore Ultimate provides a variety of time-saving features, such as a "bad timing navigator" that makes it quick and easy to find and correct rhythmic errors. There’s also a Find and Replace dialog that enables you to fix lots of identical errors (for example, in text) in a single operation.

Improved hand written music recognition

AudioScore Ultimate 7 instantly recognizes handwritten music—no need to describe the style of handwriting. You get exceptional accuracy, including support for dynamics and hairpins, among other musical styles.

Additional Enhancement

AudioScore Ultimate seven instantly acknowledges written music—you dont have to be compelled to describe the fashion of handwriting. You'll get exceptional accuracy, as well as support for dynamics versatile editing and an enhanced Pages pane.

Download the Installer

Download the Crack

IOBit Driver Booster PRO
Driver Booster, from IObit, promises an easier solution with its most advanced driver update technology by acting as an all-in-one command center. All of your drivers are listed in the app’s interface, making it a super easy process to update drivers. Downloading and installing drivers with this driver updater is a cinch and often takes just minutes (or less).

IOBit Driver Booster PRO

Outdated drivers could heavily have an effect on your computer performance and result in system crashes. Driver Booster Free, designed with IObit's most driver update technology, scans and identifies out-of-date drivers mechanically, and downloads and installs the proper update for you with only one click, saving you countless time. Moreover, this driver updater is specially designed to tweak drivers for best play performance. it is the right driver update tool to safeguard your computer from hardware failures, conflicts, and system crashes.

What's the Features

  • Automatically Identify Outdated Drivers
  • One-click Driver Update for Maximum Hardware Performance
  • Specialized Driver Tweaking for Top Gaming Experience
  • Fast, Secure and Easy to Use

Download the Installer

EaseUS Data recovery Wizard Professional 6.1
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional, completely safe and effective hard drive data recovery software, provides unique data recovery solution to save all kinds of data loss scenarios. It enables you to recover unlimited types of files from hard drive, raw partition, USB drive, memory card, digital camera, music player or other storage devices due to deleting, formating, partition loss, partition inaccessibility, virus attack or other unknown reasons. Just need 3 simple steps to retrieve all your lost data.

3 Recovery Modes help you to retrieve all lost files

  1. Deleted File Recovery - Recover deleted files with their original file names and paths.
  2. Complete Recovery - Recover data due to formatting, system reinstallation, power-off, virus attack, inaccessible/raw partition etc.
  3. Partition Recovery - Recover data from deleted or lost partition.

Apply to all Data lost situation and devices

  • Recover images, documents, videos, music, emails, archives and more.
  • Any Data Loss Situation: deleted, formatted, inaccessible, partition lost, system restore etc.
  • Recover data from PC/Laptop, any hard drives, USBs, Memory Cards, Digital Cameras and other storage media.
  • Support large hard disk up to 8 TB

Download the Installer


DVDFab Crack / Keygen / Serial Number

Product Overview

DVDFab All-In-One is a versatile combo of nearly all the powerful DVDFab products -- DVD Copy, DVD Ripper, Blu-ray Copy, Blu-ray Ripper (3D Plus), Blu-ray to DVD Converter, 2D to 3D Converter, DVD Creator, Blu-ray Creator, Video Converter, and File Transfer. It provides totally complete solutions for all your DVD/Blu-ray/video issues and performs perfectly.

Key Features

  • A Versatile Combos
    • DVDFab All-In-One is a versatile combo with nearly all the current DVDFab products in it: DVD Copy, DVD Ripper, Blu-ray Copy, Blu-ray Ripper (3D Plus), Blu-ray to DVD Converter, 2D to 3D Converter, DVD Creator, Blu-ray Creator, Video Converter, and File Transfer.
  • Complete & Full Features
    • This all-in-one package is never a simple version of just some products bundled up with a few functionalities picked out. Instead, it is definitely a perfect integration of all DVDFab products with all full features.
  • Money Saving Package
    • Purchasing DVDFab All-In-One doesn't only mean that you own all the robust functions and neat features of all DVDFab products, it also means that you can save more than 239 US dollars for 1 year subscription at least, and more than 416 US dollars for lifetime to the maximum.
  • You can use DVD options in DVDFab All-In-One to tackle all your DVD copy/ripping needs. "DVD Copy" option can remove all DVD copy protections and region code to help you freely copy/clone/burn any DVD to any blank DVD disc or to the hard drive on your PC for display or backup. And "DVD Ripper" can rip and convert DVD to almost all popular video/audio formats, also with no DVD protection limit.
  • 2D to 3D Converter can convert a normal 2D DVD/Blu-ray/video to various 3D videos with terrific 3D effect in AVI/MKV/MP4/FLV/M2TS/TS format for playback on computer, compatible 3D TV, or other compatible 3D display devices.
  • Video Converter
    • Option converts video among various video and audio formats according to your specific needs for display on various devices. The output effect is excellent with advanced video/audio quality and sync technology.
  • File Transfer 
    • Easily transfers converted files to iTunes, PSP and ZUNE. This option is cost-free and will be automatically activated once the pertinent conversion by DVDFab completed, such as conversion from Blu-ray/DVD/video to iPod/PSP/ZUNE.
  • User Convenience is ensured
    • The UI of DVDFab All-In-One is intuitive for you to finish all the operations smoothly and successfully; all supported profiles are optimized and preset for you to choose with no need to change anything; you can freely customize if you are not content with the default parameters; during the converting process, you can view the detail progress and set auto shutdown to release yourself from your computer; the built-in codec ensures you a green operating environment; and so on.
DLL Fixer
DLL Fixer is a very dynamic application which allows you to fix any DLL errors from game error to software error. Just launch the program and the program will fix it for you! Easy as that! You can download it for free with cracks only at Cracks Byte!

DLL Fixer Main Features

  • Resolve .dll related errors and ensure your software runs smoothly.
  • Eliminate .dll related system pop-up error messages.
  • Repair and clean your Registry of unwanted and invalid registry entries.
  • Optimize PC performance and speed up your system with a clean and error-free registry.
  • Defragment Registry to reduce startup time and memory usage.
  • Prevent your applications and PC from crashing.
  • Counteract deterioration over time. 12, 24, 36 months licenses available.
  • Easy to use 2-in-1 interface.

Download the Installer

Thursday, 31 October 2013

PowerISO 5.8 Keygen / Crack / Serial Number
PowerISO 5.8
PowerISO is a powerful CD / DVD / BD image file processing tool, which allows you to open, extract, burn, create, edit, compress, encrypt, split and convert ISO files, and mount ISO files with internal virtual drive. It can process almost all CD / DVD / BD image files including ISO and BIN files. PowerISO provides an all-in-one solution. You can do every thing with your ISO files and disc image files. You can download the crack for PowerISO 5.8 for free only at Cracks Byte !

Main Features

Edit ISO File
  • Add files to ISO file.
  • Delete files in ISO file.
  • Rename files in ISO file.
  • Modify file's date time in ISO file.
  • Add boot information to ISO file to make bootable ISO image file.
Burn ISO File
  • Burn ISO file and other image file to CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL, BD-R, BD-R DL, BD-RE, BD-RE DL.
  • Burn Apple DMG files directly to CD / DVD / BD discs.
  • Burn files and folders to CD / DVD / BD discs on the fly.
  • Burn Audio CD from MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, WAV, or BIN files.
  • Burn Video image file to CD / DVD disc.
  • Support two erasing modes for rewritable discs: Full Erasing and Quick Erasing.
Make Audio Disc
  • Create standard Audio CD.
  • Create mixed mode CD.
  • Support Audio CD-TEXT.
  • Burn mp3, wma, wav, flac and ape files to CD.
  • Burn bin / cue, mp3 / cue, wma / cue, wav / cue, flac / cue and ape / cue audio image files to CD.
  • Edit existing Audio CD image files.
  • Support Playing Audio Tracks within Audio CD image file.
ISO and BIN Converter
  • Convert ISO to BIN.
  • Convert BIN to ISO.
  • Convert Apple DMG files to ISO file.
  • Convert all popular images files to ISO file.
  • Convert all popular images files to BIN file.
Create Bootable USB drive
  • Create bootable USB drive for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Support USB-FDD, USB-ZIP, and USB-HDD.
Supported CD/DVD file systems
  • Standard ISO-9660
  • Joliet ISO extension (CDs under Windows 95 and higher)
  • RockRidge ISO extension (CDs under FreeBSD, Linux)
  • El Torito extension (bootable CDs)
  • Univeral Disk Format (UDF)
  • XBOX DVD Format

Download the Installer

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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Windows 7 Crack / Keygen / Serial Number
Windows 7
Like Windows seven, Windows eight is all regarding making and obtaining things through with workplace and therefore the acquainted Windows desktop. however it's even higher. Battery life and performance are boosted. All the items area unit doing} most frequently are easier and a lot of efficient, from looking out to managing your files. 

And at the side of larger power to form and obtain things done, Windows eight suggests that apps, games, movies, music, and touchscreen recreation of every kind. It's engineered from the within resolute be social, with one hub for all of your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter contacts, and live updates as before long as you power up. place all the things that matters most to you on your begin screen—including your favorite apps, sites, and people—and prepare it simply the means you wish. 

Windows eight is everything you already love regarding Windows, and plenty a lot of.

About the Cracks

This is the loader application that is employed by immeasurable individuals worldwide, standard for passing Microsoft's WAT (Windows Activation Technologies) and is arguably the safest Windows activation exploit ever created. the applying itself injects a SLIC (System authorised Internal Code) into your system before Windows boots; this is often what fools Windows into thinking it's real.

Supported operating systems 

  •  Windows 7 Ultimate 
  •  Windows 7 Ultimate E 
  •  Windows 7 Professional 
  •  Windows 7 Professional E 
  •  Windows 7 Home Premium 
  •  Windows 7 Home Premium E 
  •  Windows 7 Home Basic 
  •  Windows 7 Starter 
  •  Windows 7 Starter E 
  •  Windows Vista Ultimate 
  •  Windows Vista Business 
  •  Windows Vista Business N 
  •  Windows Vista Home Premium 
  •  Windows Vista Home Basic 
  •  Windows Vista Home Basic N 
  •  Windows Vista Starter 
  •  Windows Server 2008 Enterprise 
  •  Windows Server 2008 Enterprise (Without Hyper-V) 
  •  Windows Server 2008 Foundation 
  •  Windows Server 2008 Standard 
  •  Windows Small Business Server 2008 
  •  Windows Storage Server 2008 Standard 
  •  Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials 
  •  Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise 
  •  Windows Server 2008 R2 Foundation 
  •  Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard 
  •  Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter 
  •  Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard 
  •  Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials 
  •  Windows Home Server 2011 
  •  Windows Server 2012 Standard 
  •  Windows Server 2012 Essentials 
  •  Windows Server 2012 Foundation 
  •  Windows Server 2012 Datacenter 
  •  Windows Storage Server 2012 Standard 
  •  Windows Storage Server 2012 Workgroup 
  •  Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 Standard 
  •  Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 Premium 

Tool Features

  • It works on 32-bit and 64-bit systems
  • It's compatible with Windows seven SP1 and every one system updates
  • It's compatible with all system languages
  • It is wont to pre-activate Windows
  • It permits you to put in custom OEM data
  • It options application integrity checking
  • It supports hidden partitions and a few complicated setups
  • It will work aboard Linux's GRUB or the other boot manager
  • It works with VMware, VirtualBox and Hyper-V
  • It works with most drive secret writing computer code e.g. TrueCrypt or BitLocker
  • It permits you to feature your own certificates and serials outwardly
  • it'll install simply the certificate associated serial for users with an existing SLIC